Petrography - AIM GeoAnalytics - Missoula, MontanaAIM GeoAnalytics provides an integrated suite of analytical and interpretative geologic services that supports our clients' global exploration and production projects. AIM’s Petrography services can be performed on samples from conventional cores, core plugs, sidewall cores, drill cuttings, or outcrop samples.

AIM’s petrography services include:

  • General (qualitative) thin section Analysis
  • Detailed (quantitative) thin section Analysis
  • Digital color thin section photomicrographs

Our team of geoscientists works closely with our clients to develop rock-based analysis that is designed to mitigate risk and minimize uncertainties for their active products.  Our team has extensive experience in characterizing clastic and carbonate conventional reservoirs, which allows us to provide answers on deposition environment, reservoir quality, diagenetic history and formation optimization. AIM analyses can range from single-well to multi-well field studies and integrate a variety of geological data sets.

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